Italian Gestures with Luca Vullo

Exploring, stereotypes, language and culture with Luca Vullo

(California State University, Long Beach – 2016)

This is a poster for the CSULB Club Italia’s event: “Italian Gestures”.

Luca Vullo is a versatile artist with a penchant for filmmaking and audio-visual art. His movies reveal a great sensitivity towards social and anthropological issues; at the same time, his work displays originality and technical savviness throughout the creative process: development, scriptwriting, direction, editing and production.

He recognizes the educational value of audio-visual art and has been successfully involved in Media Education for several years amidst a wide variety of settings: primary and secondary schools, non-profit associations, social cooperatives, correctional facilities and rehab communities. He is actively involved in cultural events, art fairs and film festivals.

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