T-shirt by Joe Seeb


Indipendent graphics with a message


This t-shirt was designed to be some sort of provocation.

Two opposite but similar shapes: a tree with its trunk and thick foliage looks like a mushroom cloud. Nature and human destructive power.


A humble object, a t-shirt, to honor one of the greatest design masters: Shiro Kuramata.

To be consistent with his minimal and essential style I choose white as the color of the t-shirt, simple and clean.


I was inspired by one of the most known natural elements of the Far East, the bamboo.

The design and the light and dark effect creates a particular visual effect. The position of the graphics on the belly is not casual.


A simple decontextualized element which is able to carry a subtle meaning.

A tea bag immersed in an unspecified substance. It creates peace, quietness and maybe thoughtful loneliness.

(These are only prototypes…)

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