events app

Discover events you might like and close to your location


Events is an app that suggests events around users they might be interested in.
The user will share with the app their music taste, favorite artists and location (or not, free choice) in order to be notified about interesting concerts, festivals and events.
It might be possible to link Spotify or other streaming services for a quicker and more accurate experience.

After the first set up (where the user selects their favorite artists, music and locations) the user can browse and get some suggestions from here.

Calendar view gives an overview of the upcoming events and dates.

Map view shows the events in the area in the viewport. The user can search addresses and filter the results. According to the zoom level, results will be clustered.

This is the view of a specific concert/event with all the information and the possibility to buy the ticket.

From the map view it’s also possible to see a more simplified list of events that are visible on the map.

Filters help the user to find the best event to attend.

List of tickets for upcoming events, old events + wishlist.

Settings to personalize the experience with the app.

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